About me – my story

My life in a few words,

My sports career started when I finished my education at Sedbergh School and I was lucky enough to sign for Sale Sharks rugby team, Here is where I got major Influence for my health and fitness career. I was lucky enough to work with an amazing strength coach who gave me the fitness bug. Anyway after years away in the Hills of Sedbergh I decided I wanted to return to my native Newcastle. So I signed a rugby contract with Newcastle Falcons. I loved it, I was lucky enough to play with some of the best players in the world ever to play the game.  learnt a huge amount from these as well as another incredible strength coach in Steve Black. Anyway after two ACL knee reconstructions I decided to call time on my playing career. After being so active for so long, you are drawn to Fitness as it is my passion. Anyway I did my qualification and then decided Newcastle wasn’t enough so packed my bags and started my personal training career in London. I love it, I get to work with some amazing people who also inspire me with their success. I never stop learning.


Then in May 2012 I woke up with a back pain, 7 days later I was dead on an operating table with an infection that wiped me out, the surgeons saved me But I woke up to be told I’d never walk again or move from the neck down. Long Long story short I defied science and I’m back. I went on an incredible journey which helps benefit my clients a I have been down and out, unfit, depressed and actually physically unable to move. But I have proved it is possible so now you know whats possible what will you achieve with me?

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Transformation BH