green-logoAre you tired of wasting your efforts with training plans and diets that not only fail to deliver results, but take up far too much of your precious time?

Then let me show you how you can slash body fat, gain muscle and boost your performance levels in just 3 hours a week…

with Unique Physique, not only is that possible….its guaranteed

With ever increasing workloads, time pressures, and the social element of city life – with all the rich food and drinking ‘requirements’ that go along with it; you can often feel that attaining a lean, athletic, muscular  is out of your reach…especially when you are over 30.

You are probably looking at my pictures and think: ‘its easy for you Bradley, you have always looked good’.

Far from it.

In fact, in 2012 I was wheelchair bound, paralysed from the neck down and a fraction of my former self.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the one thing that I know more than anything, is dealing with stress (my body fought me every step of the way during my recovery), and getting back to my best.

Was it quick?

No, but what it did teach me was exactly how to attain the maximum amount of muscle, whilst maintaining, and then rapidly dropping my body fat levels. I have developed the most effective strategy to get back to your best, in the shortest amount of time.

Because I have not only done this to myself, but hundreds of my own clients, I know exactly what is required to get the job done

  • Too busy to train? Well in just 2-3 hours per week – I can take you through EXACTLY what you need to do to attain the body you desire
  • Gain muscle AND lose fat – can’t be done, right? Well, with the Unique Physique system, it can…and in record time
  • Diets are boring full of salads and no fun? I ensure that you get a bespoke, scientifically proven nutrition plan that not only tastes good….but you can have your cake (or pizza!), and eat it
  • Do you know what the #1 killer when it comes to yours gains is? Stress.  I teach you 3 simple steps on how to eradicate this modern day problem
  • Personal trainers are just muscle bound meat heads right? Well, if nothing else after 4 years of professional rugby, I certainly be able to keep you entertained and interested during our time together
  • You don’t know what you don’t know, right? I give you everything you need to make educated choices with food, drink and lifestyle choices – yet still have fun
  • Queues for the treadmill? No benches to bench from? My exclusive London City gym has capped membership so we NEVER will have to wait around to train
  • Need to train in your lunch hour? Then I can attain maximum results in just 40 minutes, giving you time to get back to your desk energised, and feeling fantastic
  • As your life is busy enough as it is, I order and ship to you every single supplement you need to speed up your results
  • A proven, guaranteed step-by-step plan to slash belly fat, and get those belt notches down -without killing yourself with tedious cardio
  • You can have all the diet plans and training guides you like – but I provide the one thing that ensures success – accountability
  • Exclusivity: to ensure that I am always available I ONLY work with ten clients at any one time – meaning you have support and sessions, when you need them – on YOUR schedule
  • Being sat at a desk all day wreaks havoc with your posture – we build muscle in strategic areas to ensure you look powerful and confident, 24/7
  • By adjusting lifestyle, supplements and food choices – we can boost your testosterone: leading to more muscle, less fat and a increased libido
  • If you are going to spend £100’s ()if not £1000’s) on a  quality suit – why not have the body to do it justice. Let your physique do the talking in the office







Listen, a simple Google search for ‘personal trainer’, ‘weight-loss’ or ‘muscle gain’ in London with give you thousands of results. It truly is a minefield out there.

There are some fantastic resources and individuals out there, but how do you know which one to pick? Its not like you have time to waste

Well, not only do I offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but I someone who has personally developed a system to get back to your best…and even improve on what you had before.


Well, lets put it this way I played professional rugby for 4 years – my body was my tool I needed it to earn a living. When I became ill, and lost the use of my body from the neck down, I thought my life was over.

Fortunately, the surgery was successful but I was told I would never look or perform like I did in my sporting days.

The pictures you see of me, are testament to the fact that you CAN achieve anything you desire when it comes to your body, you just need someone to give you the ‘map’ to your weight-loss and muscle gain journey

And I am that someone.

So, if you want attain a lean, athletic physique, ditch unwanted belly-fat, and start looking (and feeling) like your old self again, then all you need to do is hit the get started button below below, and I will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange an initial discussion.




(Please note, as discussed I operate a strict maximum 10 person client base – if I am unable to take you on at this time, I have a trainer that works closely with me to deliver my Unique Physique System.)


You no longer have to search for a nutritional coach, London personal trainer , wellness coach or motivation coach. I do it all for you. Contact me here.

Bradley Guartentee